Hey mitch here,

Everybody loves a quick fix,

So im going to give you a few of my favourite pick-up lines that have worked well for me.

Don’t go saying anything stupid like how beautiful her eyes look or how shes an angle from heaven. Girls will think your some loser trying to get in her pants. All we want is a conversation starter to brake the initial tension.

So heres some of my favourites-

-(guy)excuse me do you know much about phones, I think mine is broken?

(girl)why whats wrong with it?

(guy)it doesn’t have your number in it


-(girl using her phone)

(guy)excuse me are you texting me?


(guy)would you like to be?


-(guy)excuse me but my friend and I just wanted to know the names of the girls we’ve been talking about for the last 5 minutes.


-(guy)see my friend over there(point to friend) he wants to know if you think im cute


-(guy-as shes leaving) hey you forgot something




-(guy)how much does a polar bear weigh?

(girl)how much?

(guy)enough to break the ice


Those are some of my favourites. Go out and give them a try!